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7th anniversary

7th anniversary

FOOT INDUSTRY  7周年限定シリーズ “FLY 7”

当ブランドでは「編み」の手法によって施されたデザインを、「WAVE」と名付けている。WAVEはブランド創設時から今まで続く、FOOT INDUSTRYの中で最も代表的なデザインの一つである。
そこで、7周年を迎えたFOOT INDUSTRYは、「WAVE」シリーズの新アイテムの発表を決定。






FOOT INDUSTRY launches the limited edition shoe of its 7th anniversary.

“Something needs to be passed on, something needs to insist on.”

Weaving craft is one of the oldest human crafts. In the Paleolithic Age, human uses phloem to weave mesh bag and fills it with stones, throwing for injuring animal.
In the Song Dynasty (about A.D.1000), there are many kinds of exquisite plaited bamboo products, on which they can be weaved with calligraphy and painting, in Dongyang, Zhejiang province, such as dragon lantern, festival lantern, running-horse lantern, incense basket and flower basket.
In the Ming and Qing Dynasty (about A.D.1500), the industry of straw, rattan weaving and bamboo weaving expanded in southeastern China. And the exportation of plaited products began in the late 19th century. Weaving craft has been used in a variety of things in all ages, such as survival necessities, daily necessities and art related products.
Weaving craft has always been one of the most representative technology in the design of FOOT INDUSTRY. As the limited edition shoe of 7th anniversary, its upper is still made of polyester, whose anti-wrinkle feature makes its overall shape fuller.

In addition, weaving craft makes this product more breathable and more comfortable by wearing, in terms of vision and somatosensory.
Technology and materials of this shoe have their own shining point. “FLY 7” highlights integration of traditional crafts and modern life rhythm, which shows respect from designer to traditional weaving craft on the 7th anniversary of its established.
“From a line to a plane. From a pair of shoes to now a brand taking rough shape. Something needs to be passed on, something needs to insist on.”