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Life Style + Function

Life Style + Function

If production also has soul , It must be keep learning to into the present for a living.
Times change , The classic at once has been done with their own shining.
From the step , to think about the classic one on from each person's point of view.

Making a small change on them , let them to reconnect into the present.
These function sneakers always have a heavy sole. Which are not good for air circulation either for a good coordination.
These simple one cloud not provide personal protection in a special environment.

In some case, the function sneakers can not meet the nowadays clothing. Which means that can not hold them for a long time. If you mix it with daily culture, then it will become easier to do fit-up.

"AVERT" series are mix the jogging shoes with HIKING SHOE SOLE , choosing the unsymmetry design on upper as before. Find the good balance to unite cool function style and daily style.Giving you one series which can enjoy the daily style with a good function sneaker.
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