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Unfinished Story of FOOT INDUSTRY 「Part 2」

Unfinished Story of FOOT INDUSTRY 「Part 2」

Since the teach in 2015 , the idea about waterproof shoes came out again in 2017 , this time we learnt from the experience , used the technics and materials as last time .Finally , we gave a birth to them at the end of the year .

This is what "HG" series looks like at first time , with the design of double zipper makes it easy to pull down , the design of the TPU frame on heel is some kind of mellow and full curved shape , you also can found the 3M reflector material on the zipper .
Due to the design of inelastic double zipper , we found that it had a little uncomfortable for instep during the mass-production period . At last , we changed the TPU frame into this kind of  edge shape to reflect the functionality of shoes better .Here is the first sample of HG , I have nothing to say .

The second one has a high collar ,  Which means this is a bad choice for our customers who is under 170cm
(We do so many test and try so many design to make sure that each production can be accept by every customers . 

We changed the fan-shaped baffle into single side one to keep the comfort while wearing , and keep the outside would not have any drape when you pull up the zipper , also we changed the TPU from translucent materials into nubuck leather with the same color on shoes to improve the tactile impression .

About the printing on insole , we chose three-dimensional printing instead of normal printing , the materials of insole changed to the ones which can keep you cool and sweat-free .That is the all story of how we made  "HG" series . 

Whereby , I will give the applause to those workers who was scolded , without these guys , I would not be who I am today , and "HG" series will never get out.

At the beginning of design , we always draw down some kind of what we do like , during making the communication with producers I found that it is not easy to make a production as what I do like ,  I need to and I have to change the design for the manufacture .

To think about it again and again , to make each detail well , shoes have so much difference with clothing , the size of clothing can be decided by styling on that day , shoes are different , each people has different size and different feel about that , even in the same size ,each customer has a different situation while wearing shoes . So that makes us to have to keep each one can get the best experience , to present the best products to the world . 

Behind these , there are our adventure and experience , which makes us to grow up , to be better and better .

Our story just keep on .
to be continued , see you later .