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Student discounts are available at this store.2022/4/1~



You can get a 10% OFF coupon for all items by entering student information on this form.



※ このセールは予告なく終了する場合があります。

・DATE OF BIRTH(yyyy/mm/dd)

* If the input form is not displayed, please refresh the page.
* Applicable to those who have answered all the questions.
* Sale items cannot be returned or exchanged.
* We do not accept online fitting of sale items.
* Items in the shopping cart will be secured after the order is confirmed (after payment). There can be instances where products ordered may be out of stock.
* We do not accept returns, changes in order details, additions, changes in payment methods, or bulk delivery after the order is confirmed.
* We cannot accept reshipments due to reasons such as unknown address or long absence.
* Discounted prices are applied only during the sale period. Please note that the discount will not be applied if you put it in the shopping cart before the sales period starts or if you complete the payment after the sales period ends.
* This sale may end without notice.
* Some items such as gift cards are not eligible for this sales campaign.
* For inquiries, please contact the official LINE@742wugmj or customer service