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「On Foot」- Knitting Aesthesia

「On Foot」- Knitting Aesthesia

In the Tibetan plateau, the daily life of the local people still maintains the tradition of a farming society. They rely on nature and retain the tradition of making their own basic living needs for their families. Fur and textile products have become the main source of clothing for local residents. This self-sufficient lifestyle has given local residents a deep affection and awe for the natural environment.

In Dege County, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, we were fortunate enough to visit a traditional textile craftsman - Tashi Qucuo.
For a long time, textile skills have been a necessary skill for women in Tibetan areas. With the changes of the times, textile skills are faced with the problem of no one to inherit them, but Tashi Qucuo still sticks to this persistence and uses his own hands to carry forward and pass on this skill, allowing us to experience the charm and vitality of traditional culture. 
2023年の秋から冬にかけて、私たちはこれをインスピレーションにして、「Knitting Aesthesia」シリーズを立ち上げます。私たちは独自の視点で、より日常着に適した製品を解釈し、より多くの人々が手工芸の継承に注目することを願っています。
For us, in the autumn and winter of 2023, we will use this as inspiration and launch a series of Knitting Aesthesia. We will use our own perspective to interpret products more suitable for daily wear, and hope to make more people pay attention to the inheritance of handicrafts.