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FOOT INDUSTRY 2016 SS Leisurely " SAKURA " Lookbook release, Special Limited models only for female officially on sale.

FOOT INDUSTRY 2016 SS ゆったり「SAKURA」ルックブック発売、女性限定の特別限定モデルが正式発売。

As a Special Limited models only for female, FOOT INDUSTRY 2016 SS Lesiurely " SAKURA " is already put on the market. It was limited to 300 pairs. Flowers represent the most feminine flavor, SAKURA as the representative of spring, deciduous tree with purple-brown bark and alternate leaves, it chooses the most beautiful moment to bloom, even if the flowering is so short, but also put the beautiful moment to stay in the world. " SAKURA " that Itself represents a new generation of women who are brave and courageous in contemporary society, endowed with sensibility and intellect, and stay as a combination of frankness and beauty. They love sports, challenge, pursue dreams, dare to challenge, wear easy. Women who prefer sneakers more than high-heeled shoes, this shoe is tailored for special you. Basic on Lesiurely " WEAVE " , we chose the quiet and mysterious purple as the main color, the lining is made of RawDenim, especially to the stripe texture, there is both a simple sense of design and a strong sense of history. The stripes originated in the French navy suit. As the beginning of summer even like the not expired spring. Abandon the simple and rugged from manstyle, full of feminine charm with the striped element of summer. A little cute, more refreshing. In the series, we special customed the white cherry blossom pattern shoe box. Pairing the soft leather insole with cherry blossom, soft and breathe freely. With a special make-up bag for women that the lining is made of RawDenim, is practical and special, there are more details to surprise you to find as a lucky one.