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FOOT INDUSTRY 2016 SS Leisurely " WEAVE " officially on sale


FOOT INDUSTRY 2016 SS Leisurely " WEAVE " as a new series,are different from running shoes, we put the point on the casual feeling, there are more new attempts. This series , we chose 100% calf leather with EVA bottoms.this series make you two-way to wear. If you like low-heeled style, turn over the lining, about the lining, we chose Cowboy cloth,continue the technique of hand-weaving, and we chose Blue dyeing to make the Cowboy cloth looks more natural. If yo like the middle-heeled to cover your ankle,just upward it. Two-way mode are convenient to match the clothing style of different people. With the calf leather shoelace and cork insole to uniform texture. This time, we invited French, Japanese and Pakistani Half-Blood model--Sofil to show it. Four colors for the different crowds. JET BLACK with mystery and hale, keep egoism, the best choice for each style. CHATEAU GRAY , have the romantic color of medieval aestheticism ,With a lazy casual, is the most tender explore feel. FOSSIL, the record of the existence of every life on earth ,is the most extraordinary. CINNAMON STICK, like coffee sprinkled with icing, afternoon sunshine come at the appointed time, the subtropical wind blowing haze and cold, is the warmest wait. One shoe for many possibilties, this is a kind of experience that Leisurly wants to give you.