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FOOT INDUSTRY 2017 SS Fly 4.0 " NAZARITE " officially on sale

FOOT INDUSTRY 2017 SS Fly 4.0 " NAZARITE " 正式発売

Walking is a kind of practice, wanna to realize only have to try. This kind of choose between you and I is always exist. Nazarite, they chose to make themselves to slow down, try some new path of less people do, do things that less people do, examine oneself during the journey. All the views through the journey, not only into the eyes, but also into their heart.

In fact,Practice and life and work are not contradictory, Buddha nature is something that each of us has. Just people are caught up in busy business.running and search everywhere, forget even lose yourself, Even forget the most important, the most valuable things should be found from the heart.

" NAZARITE " series are one kind of production which has Zen in it.
This series have 4 colors, they are " Taichi " , "Ristu", " Sermon " and " Zen ". These idea of color combination was from the clothing of monk,the color of buddhist monk’s is black in normal, the color of monk's wearing is blue as who is expounding the texts of buddhism. The color is Dark reddish-brown when they are doing Maditation, what we want to point in particular is the cotton braid of " Sermon " was hand-made aiosome, to make it have more characteristics of traditional.

Basic on the classic Hand knitting, chose the fly woven substituted for LYCRA as the inner to give a good air permeability and more comfortable to wear. The older locker was redesigned to use the plastic material to make it hanging more naturally, to make that more simple. " MELT ADHESIVE " fits to the heel, abrasion - proof, stable and be able to support ankle.

" NAZARITE " is the practice of the person of practice as the thought to create, in the spirit of the pursuit of simple and simple life, so choose the traditional cloth mat as the match. The above is combined with the " BOGIE " outsole.