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FOOT INDUSTRY 2017 SS Fly 4.5 " LIZARD " officially on sale

FOOT INDUSTRY 2017 SS Fly 4.5 "LIZARD" 正式発売

" A lizard will regenerate its tail if it's cut off. "

FOOT INDUSTRY 2017 SS Fly 4.5 " LIZARD " series comes out now. The design was form " A lizard will regenerate its tail if it's cut off. "It is beautiful and mysterious. The renewable tail is a symbol of the unyielding vitality and tenacious spirit.

" LIZARD " offer 5 colors, 4 kinds of pure colors basic on calling for the environmental protection. As everyone knows, lizard is members of the class reptilia. Their history goes back to more than 200 million years. Due to the global warming in recent years, many valuable lizard are in danger of extinction.(Note: Research shows that during the rising temperature, the proportion of males in lizards has increased dramatically, that cause lizard end up extinct for a lack of females.) So,these design cames from 4 kinds of endangered lizards. They are Komaini, Cyclura Nubila, Hemidactylus Frenatus and Blue Iguana. Special design comes from a special color inspiration from the traditional vertical lizards Camouflage pattern.

Mix the traditional hand braiding with suede, use LYCRA which has the strong elastic force as inner boot, make is easy to take off&on. And adhesion buckle makes it easy to adjust, with the newest braiding line which looks like the lizard tail. The above is combined with the continuation of "BOGIE" outsole.