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FOOT INDUSTRY 2017 SS Fly 5.0 " YE " officially on sale

FOOT INDUSTRY 2017 SS Fly 5.0 "YE" 正式発売

FOOT INDUSTRY 2017 SS Fly 5.0 " YE " series comes out now. " YE " was design for Beijing, to make it match the weaving art with traditional culture.
These people who grows up in Beijing must know " pian er lan " (that is its name which is a kind of cloth shoes in old Beijing). Almost every mens live in Beijing have it, just put them on while scorching summer is such a kind of enjoyment.

" YE " series have 4 colors, the pure black is basic on the traditional " pian er lan ". The grey one represents the green brick and tile, commemorating the demolition of quadrangles due to the construction of social cities construction. Other 2 colors, the blue one came from the old blue gown and the factory worker suits in 70's, the beiges one came from mandarin coat which the guys live in Beijing wear in summer.

The 4 colors are Black、 Pigeon、 Classic Blue 、 Rugby Tan.

The " YE " on the boost means to represent respect and affirmation for man in the pass and now.

And this honorific title also means the character and honor of being a Beijing guy.