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As the main production this time. The upper was held in place by the triangle space which made in wire.
Mix our original shoe sole wit
h fly woven to make strong performance of air permeability, which suits to summer life.

This series have “ANTHRACITE” and “BRIGHT WHITE”, two style to choose.
The fly woven materials is very thin and super-breathable, which is fit to wearing in summer. It also can be put on even if you do not wear sockes.
Because the fly woven materials is too soft to keep its own mode, it will fail to protect your feet while walking on the sepecial road surface in due to it was out of shape. So we choose 4 triangle space which made in wire to hold its own mode. It also can improve the required protection.

We chose 3M reflective elastic material and the elastic fastening system to make it easier to wearing and adjusting the elastic.

The sole is from our original series—“BOGIE”, which has trapezoidal style. It can disperse the resulting gravitational pressure. Which not only ensures the shock absorption but also increased stability. The design of sole center was basic to the oval-shaped separation groove,

To make the center of gravity pressure reasonable scattered and reduce the foot damage.