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Ride on the Great Winds, FOOT INDUSTRY 2015 SS Fly 3.0 officially on sale.

大風に乗る、FOOT INDUSTRY 2015 SS Fly 3.0 正式発売。

FOOT INDUSTRY put the Spring and summer latest running shoes series -- Fly 3.0 to the market, in this series we adopt the logo from the airfoil profile from the pupation as a butterfly ,it means to break the resistance by using the ultra lightweight package preparation material. Free walking, running and jumping. Shoes is an extension of the foot, bearing the pressure of gravity and stress from all over the body. So we think it is all the more important to keep foot feels comfortable and the lightness, it is also one of the biggest point to decide if the running shoes are good or not. Our designer using LYCRA material and hand - made by traditional methods,mix the warpping and air permeability with the best balance. The outward we use the suede to make three colors -- Black , Navy , Army Green.