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FOOT INDUSTRY 2018 A/W " DAILY " officially launched


FOOT INDUSTRY 2018 A/W " DAILY " series comes out now. Till now we emphasize the idea of combining practical function with daily life. After these we are trying to mix the summary and reflection on Life.

Since when we woke up each day, we were distracted by irrelevant information all the time. Which makes us lose ourselves while obtaining them greedily without deep thinking. It just seems like we did not get any useful and valuable information, unfortunately, these things make us getting more and more tired.
For all the above, the design for this season was born from oriental culture which based on the current trend. With the streamline design, we chose the functional material as usual which we are good at. We throw these complex parts, to make the upper simpler , and gave them the profile soles which has high-flown. During “abandoning”, we can find the one which fits us so much well. And we hope that you can find the one during the abandoning.

Special Thanks : Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel